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In the small village of Saint-Mont where charm and the sweetness of life are the key words, Le Monastery of Saint-Mont Hotel and Spa offers a confidential setting for a family stay like no other.

Bedroom with extra bed, adapted furniture, childcare, surprise worthy of the biggest houses! On the day's program: no program ...

Outdoor Amusement

Tree climbing

Near the Monastery, there is something to please the whole family. Tree climbing in Aignan is the ideal activity!

Paintball Players


Woody Loisirs offers paintball and Stand-Up Paddleboarding, less than 30 minutes from the Monastery.

Kayak Packing

Canoe Kayak

In Air-sur-Adour less than 15 minutes from the Monastery, Canoë Kayak Aturin offers kayak rentals.

Kids Riding Horses

Equestrian farm

What could be better than discovering the region on horseback? The Equestrian Farm in Candaou offers you walks.

Ping Pong Paddle

Ping pong

At the Monastery, the ping pong table is available next to the spa, and rackets and balls are at the reception.

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Water Park Slides

Aqua Béarn

At 1h15 from the Monastery, the Aqua Béarn park is the ideal place to cool off. The park welcomes you all summer.

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